Friday, June 24, 2011

Time Flies

I wrote my first blog entry just 78 days ago, Exciting Countdowns.  Since then I have only posted a couple times more, but I knew that was probably going to be the case.  I can now say that I had a great time in Madrid, a fantastic time in Disney, and my final presentation of grad school went off without a hitch.

I'll hopefully get time soon to upload photos and post about my latest adventures, but right now I'm just going to relax for the weekend.  I'm taking everything in as there are a few really significant changes about to take place and I'm going to take the time to appreciate and celebrate them.

First - school is out in 1 week.  I have one final paper (which is basically done) to hand in and then I'm walking away from the classroom for a long while.  I'm sure I'll end up back there eventually, but I need to spend some time finding my real place in the world and paying specific attention on finding free time activities that make me happy.

Second- Kristen has been accepted into graduate school and is moving in exactly 1 week to Buffalo, NY.  Could she have picked a colder and farther away place?  Well...probably but we'll be thankful she's still in NE.  I couldn't be more proud of her, but I'm going to miss her like crazy.  So she deserves a big celebration in her honor and we'll make sure that happens tonight. 

For now, I bid you adeiu as I wrap up the day and head downtown to be with good friends.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Positively Splendid

It's a great feeling to knowingly wake up one the "right" side of the bed.

I took the long way to work today to get a Dunks iced coffee and didn't even freak out when I dropped it getting out of the car.  Chalked it up to my clumsiness and moved on.

I'm thinking about buying a spring jacket today.  Here's what I was looking at...

I typically wear my Merrimack Res Life jacket in the spring time because it was so freaking expensive and I feel like I need to get my money's worth; however, I do look like a college kid and I can't while I'm staffing our training tour in Madrid next week.

Madrid - ah yes! Springtime weather and Sangria - what's better?   I'm really looking forward to walking around Retiro Park and visiting Toledo. 

I'm going home Saturday night for a few days prior to my trip and it can't come soon enough.  There's something to be said about going home when the weather's nice and just enjoying the quiet time.

I have a lot to do though - I have to finish my 25 page website for class and the IA document, 2 papers, and some other homework things.  Last time I was home I was more productive then ever before so hopefully this will occur again - if not my computer will be my friend on my trans Atlantic flight!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunny thoughts

Yesterday I took a vacation day.  Nope - definitely didn't go anywhere exciting.  Instead - it was a me day.  I have been extremely stressed out lately with the amount of work I have to get done before finals and since I have a bit of down time at work, I thought I should capitalize on it.

I spent the day working on my web design project and I'm actually pretty proud of how much I accomplished.  I feel much better and am right on track, if not ahead of where I should be based on my professor's guidelines.  It's amazing how much better I feel when I take a chill pill and re prioritize. If only I could remember that feeling before I have my breakdowns.

Now today is a brand new (and thankfully SUNNY) day and I have pushed on with a bit of homework - setting myself up for my finance class.  However, I think I've had enough.

I actually have a pretty fun evening to look forward to.  I'm going to see Matt Nathanson at Simmons with Kristen, Mike, and Victoria.  We're going to grab a bit to eat and then watch a great show.  Kara's been a few times to see him and she says his does a great combination show of music and comedy.

I'm also looking forward to getting prom pictures sent to me as Emily and Eric are off to Prom tonight - hopefully to come back with a pair of crowns.  They are in the running for Prom King and Queen and since Eric is Mr. Seymour and all - well we'll keep our fingers crossed.  That is something the Baldwin family has yet to add to their list of accomplishments.

<--Emily before last year's prom (remember - Kara and I were never allowed to go to Prom unless it was our own)
<-- High School Sweethearts (congrats on almost a year already!)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breath of Fresh Air

Well here goes nothing.  I created my blog yesterday, but I'm glad I didn't jump right into writing a post.  I want to try to keep my entries positive...not saying it'll always be feasible... Had I wrote this last night it would have been terribly negative as I was riding a serious roller coaster of emotions all day long.  I apologize now to my Mom and to John for both having to bear the brunt of my outburst.

But today is a Breath of Fresh AirI'm realizing that I have a lot to be looking forward to so I shouldn't be expending so much negative energy. 

Exciting Countdowns

12 days till Madrid

<---this is me in Madrid in May 2009

71 days till Disney.  

<-- Kara and me in Disney a long time ago

85 days till my final graduate class

<--Graduating from Merrimack '09

177 days till Vegas

          <-- Rachel & me on our 21st in Vegas

I have a lot to be looking forward to.  I don't want to wish away my spring by anymeans, but I am rather excited to be entering my next phase of life - nights without class.  I'm going to have to start learning to relax more and pick up a non-stressful hobby or two.  I think that will be a topic to post about soon.  What should my hobby(s) be?